Where are the likes for my tracks?

  • 25 March 2017
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Hey :)
I´ve got new likes for my tracks, but it will only show me 3 likes. Everytime these 3 likes are the 3 latest likes. The older likes are hidden or deleted?!

Whats wrong? I know i have more than these three likes ( I´ve got an Mail for each like^^) and i see this pattern... Thats makes me angry...


2 replies

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Hi there Denny J.,

I'm afraid this issue might be rooted in a caching delay on our end, and the fact that sometimes, likes come from fake or spam accounts, which our security system has removed by the time you look. 😕 They are working towards improving this, however Spam remains an ongoing struggle.
Same thing keeps happening to me... when I check the all time statistics for a song I see 8 likes, but on my profile it shows only the last one. All the others disappear, always 😞