why am i NEVER in the algorithm?

just wondering the real fairness or basis of the algorithm? I upload tracks consistently I see other people in MY related tracks with less views than me but im not in their related? my algorithm views generated are just awful, my fanbase comes from youtube as well as all my friends in my online community, I never get the chance to be showed to someone new to grow my audience, why is that and whats up with that? where is the chance to be heard? I want to build my fanbase too and I will never be able to do that if all the people seeing my music are just friends, I put my heart and raw energy into my tracks and I feel almost as if its for nothing. maybe i'm just being a baby but fuck man i just dont know if im blacklisted or something i just want a chance

edit: i used to get put into "The upload" playlist and thats where i gained the fanbase i have today but what the hell i havent been on there in a looong time what happened i know im not blacklisted but how do i appeal to the algorithm to help me out again

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