Why are the numbers almost always wrong (followers,plays etc.)?

  • 8 September 2017
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Hey there,
the numbers on my profile are kind of randomly changing and this has been going on for months already. Whats the deal?

My profile mostly states that I do have ether 24 or 0 followers, whereas it really are 21. Same for the people I follow, it seams pretty random. Also on my songs I do get Likes without plays, or I do get some plays but the mostly do not show up as plays within the last 24 hours.

Why is soundcloud so obsessed with the 24 on my profile??

3 replies

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Hi Joachim,

Yikes - I don't think there's an actual connection between your profile, the number 24 and SoundCloud. Rather, the cache on our end is causing delays on the front end. I have just gone ahead and triggered the system to rebuild your follower count. Hopefully, this will now show up properly.

As far as plays are concerned, they will show most accurately on your stats page. 🙂 I will forward your concerns & feedback to the relevant product team on our end.

All the best
thanks for your help..
After the rebuild the count was spot on for a few days.. now its off again! Can you refresh it once more?.. Like.. every day?
Wait.. maybe a machine could do that? Like.. a robot.. a computer! 😉 Sorry for being sarcastic. Thanks one more time, but I think something really not working right with your software. Hope it will be fixed soon.
Greetings... 😉
Hello soundcloud support team

I would like to report that my profile is showing that the number of the accounts I'm following is wrong. Could you fix this error.