Why doesnt my Pro unlimited plan say WHICH tracks the different users listened to?

  • 26 April 2015
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I just went from the Pro plan to the Pro unlimited plan...and i have gotten nothing out of it....idont really care what CITY my tracks have been played from...because i, as 95% of everyone else on SC dont travel that much connected with the music....and what purpose would that serve me then? I cant see any improvements or useful functions made available to me by upgrading from the normal Pro plan...and im pretty sure it would be a problem if 95% of the users on SC paid for hoping someone can enlighten me as to what useful features the "pro unlimited" plan gives me as an amateur musician apart from the "pro" plan? 🙂

2 replies

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you can see the differences between the plans here:

further more you can see who listened to what by browsing to:

select the desired time range. the most played tracks will be listed in descending order on the right side under the time range selection, as well as the bottom left. clicking any of these tracks will give you a more detailed view for that specific track, including 'who played the most'.

Thnx for your reply!