Why is my track not charting even though it is doing better numbers this week???

  • 17 March 2017
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Hello my name is Drex Carter and I'm a local independent artist from orlando florida. The reason for my contact is I released my single for my new EP “wolves” on soundcloud about 2 weeks ago and the response has been great, however i have more than the number of plays required to be charting and I am not on the charts. The charts updated one hour ago and for some reason 'Welcome to the jungle’ is not on the top 50. It should be number 37. I did a huge push to land this on the charts but putting the song in the hands of real people and even getting it played on my local radio station. Please let me know what i can do ASAP to fix this problem.

2 replies

Charts and how it works

There might be a certain algorithm that decides the Top 50 so just because you have enough plays you might still need 'quality' interactions with your fans.
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From the link above:

It also helps to have the track tagged correctly with the genre you want it to appear in. The first tag should be the main genre, ideally taken from the list of genres shown in the charts.

You've got it tagged as "Indie".

Also, the info about charts doesn't specify that it is just about plays. Likes and reposts are probably taken into account for a more genuine reflection of what is popular rather than what is just being clicked on.