Why is,Not My Music in the Charts

  • 2 March 2017
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Hello Dear

Why is,Not My Music in the trance Charts. https://soundcloud.com/charts/new?genre=trance

My Music 71,105 plays (Plays last 7 days )


I am waiting for a response* Th

2 replies

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Sorry Alfred.
At the time I took these screen grabs you've got 71000 plays ..... but only 4 likes. One of those is you. You've got two reposts. One is from an account with no followers, which also gave you one like. One is from an account with just one follower. So, it looks as if those are going to be fake plays, which will have cost a lot of money.
That's my guess, just looking at your profile and the track page. SoundCloud will have access to a lot more info and would not chart something that they can see has fake activity.

😞 no . soundcloud similar youtube is blocked in our country . and users not can log and Like

We hardly even share &Embed.