Why isn't Soundcloud registering plays? Friends of mine and others are playing my track and telling me about it yet the play count is staying the same.

  • 14 April 2019
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So I've tested this by having multiple people I know listen to the track, when they play it, they see the play count go up one, yet on mine it stays the same, and when they refresh the page it is back to its original play count. They are not logged in or using the same IP as me. This has been happening since Friday. I've also gotten feedback from several people on the song (via forums comments and otherwise) while the play count remains the same. It stayed at 96 on Friday for several hours while I recieved feedback from over 10 people claiming to have heard the song, played it a few times on a separate device not logged into my Soundcloud to test, still no plays added. Saturday morning was at 99 plays, stayed there all day again even though I had multiple friends play the track to test, and did myself, now it is at 101 and has remained there all day today while I have again received feedback from multiple people claiming to listen.

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