Why not in charts?

  • 26 April 2017
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I just saw that there are charts for genres - and in the triphop genre place 50 has only 95 plays. my track has 342 plays so it should be about on place 20 there.

it's not very important, but I wonder how these charts work? does anybody know?
here's the track:


6 replies

man i been wodering that myself for quite some time as well lol my stats are pretty descent still im not on em as well both NEW & HOT and top 50....sux 😞
Yes same. My new track has about 1000 plays in the last two days, and I am not in the New and Hot top 50 at all, yet people on number 20 odd have only about 200 something plays. Why is that???
Seems like this Problem is only in the TripHop Charts. Ist sad, because the Charts were always a good way to promote the new tracks...
Does anybody have an answer for this problem? I'm having the same issue.
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It's got to be based on something more than just plays. Likes and reposts need to be taken into account. 1000 people can start playing a track but immediately decide they hate it. Also anything that looks like paid-for fake promotion and plays is going to be spotted & not allowed.
Same issue. Our pop track has over 110k plays in less than a week but is not appearing on the charts. I read in a different thread that they also take likes, reposts, and followers gained into consideration.. but this was not verified by a Soundcloud employee, just another user.