Will soundcloud ever take down fake followers from people who bought them?

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Plenty of big names, record labels, and even nobodies can buy and have bought fake followers. I see pages that have millions of followers post a song and months later it only has a couple thousand clearly those numbers don't make sense unless their millions of followers are offline at the exact time they post a song and don't pursue any new releases.....couldn't you just start going through peoples profiles and deleting the fake accounts? Soundcloud is drifting further and further from a real measurement of an artist, group, or record label's success.

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Hi there J.,

Thank you for posting here. I'd like to refer you to this article on our Help Center to understand more about this. We share your concerns about this and want you to know that we do not approve of, or condone the use of, these kinds of services or fake / spam accounts, which are in direct violation of our Terms of Use.

Our Trust and Safety engineers are committed to detecting and removing fake accounts from SoundCloud. The technical measures and systems we are introducing at SoundCloud will make it harder and more costly to manipulate popularity on the platform in the future. Additionally, we regularly extend warnings to members that use such services, as well as the owners themselves where possible.

Thanks for your help in the fight against fake activity on SoundCloud, we really do appreciate it. If you have further questions or concerns, or want to report an infringing website or service, I'd recommend to get in touch with our Trust & Safety team directly. You can do so here.

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Alright I appreciate it, things have gotten better with the reposts recently with them being taken down 24 hours within the time they're reported