Woke up to over 70K Plays...

  • 28 November 2018
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It's normally everything artist's dream to wake up to find one of their songs blowing up, but I won't lie, when I saw those numbers I wasn't happy in the slightest. Last night this song had 5813 plays. I knew they were organic because I put effort into getting that amount.


The problem is when I checked my stats it didn't show any links to fake plays websites or third party links for that matter. It said all the plays came from from Los Angeles and Atlanta and Portland. I've occasionally received plays from those places, but not in the thousands like this morning. To make matters more suspicious I haven't received any boosts in like, reposts or comments.

So I came to TWO possible conclusions:

  1. THESE are genuine plays and Soundcloud is simply having a hard time keeping up to date with the abrupt changes and will update all the stats soon
  2. SOMEONE is botting my song with fake plays and knows how to make it look (reasonably) legit
Has anyone else experienced this?

Is Soundcloud able to look into this for me and let me know privately if someone is botting my work with fake plays?


ALSO, I've changed my URL coz I suspected it may be what was being used to deliver the plays, but it's still growing ...


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