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Hi everyone,

You might sometimes have questions about your subscription, be it for your SoundCloud Pro, Pro Unlimited, SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+ plan.

Maybe the answer is already out there. Please be sure to review our Payments and Billing section on the Help Center.

If you need further assistance, our subscriptions team is happy to help. They can be contacted directly via the contact form. Note that they won't respond here on the Help Community.


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Hi Team,

This automatic renewal happened yesterday . But am no longer using SC pro
services and its an absolute no use for me continuing one more year with
the PRO subscription as i am no longer into music business. I was not
remembering the fact that my automatic renewal was ON in my SC account . So
is it possible for a refund ? Kindly HELP !

It just came to my attention that my debit card was just charged today for a soundcloud go subscription, even though I remembered canceling it. Is there a way for me to get a refund for the money that has been wrongfully taken away from me?
Hello Soundcloud team,

I was unaware of the automatic renewal and my credit card was charged last month for the trial that automatically continued. I am wondering if I can get refund for the amount deducted?

My apple ID is and my Soundcloud email is

Thank you,

they charged me 135$ i did not want hat subscription i cancelled it already .. still haven't been refunded
what do i have to do to get my money back ??
Hello, i have booked a Pro Plan for February.
And the Pro Plan has extended itself alone.
I dont want that.
Can i have please my Money back for March ?
Greetz - Tino
I bought soundcloud go with the free trial for 5.99/month and it says im subscribed with apple. but on the app or website, it says i am only a free user. If i buy it again, i will get charged twice and not get the free trial! please help!
Same here
I started my free trial of SoundCloud GO+ two days ago but no matter how (logging out, reopenning the app) I still can not access any privileges GO+ gets
I signed up to that premium SoundCloud and they took money out of my account and I didn't realise it was being taken out and I need the money, is there any way I can get it back because I don't even use SoundCloud so I don't see the point in money being taken out of my account for it.
Soundcloud not accepting payment to upgrade from free account to pro unlimited, no matter what I do
So i recently upgraded from the basic Go plan to the Go+ plan and is not allowing me to listen to Go+ music. It wont work on pc or a mobile device, I've already checked through my apple subscriptions and it says i'm on the Soundcloud Go+ plan and is currently active, But on it shows the basic soundcloud Go, should i wait and see if it changes or should i contact them?
I just rec'd a PayPal bill for a 12 mos renewal for my Pro Account. I setup the account to NOT auto renew.
My apologies but it looks like my Pro UnlimitedSubscription Plan did not go through this month. Thank you for continuing to work with me...

I will renew my account in May but I was wondering if you could draw payment for the Plan earlier in the month, when I was just on a $5 a month pro plan?


~Dj Bale del Norte
Hey...I will renew my Unlimited Pro Subscription in 1 week...please keep my uploads in place...$$$$ is coming!!! Could you also bill my account say, around the 5th of the month? That would assure that there are ample funds for SC...Thanks again!
I buy Pro Unlimited and after couple of months stop working?
I must buy new one?
Any hellp
I am trying to sign up for Soundcloud pro, and it's not working at all.

I click on the "go pro" button and then it gives me this popup that sits there and loads indefinitely. I've tried this on two different computers using two different browsers, and the same problem happens.

Why don't you want to take my money?
I want to do the 30 day free trial but it wont allow me to because the app keeps telling me my email is unconfirmed i have done/tried everything possible to confirm my email and it keeps saying my email is unconfirmed what can I do to confirm my email ?
It won't let me cancel my subscription, only upgrade to go +
I had signed up for a trial of SoundCloud Go and had cancelled it as I was wanting it for a trip. I had received an email from SoundCloud:

I signed up again thinking it was a good deal but there was no 9.99 option, only 12.99. I thought maybe SoundCloud would adjust the price however they haven't and I'm still being charged 12.99.

I have soundcloud for IOS I purchased a free 30 day trial and after that my soundcloud has completely stopped working when i sign in with another account it works but my main account wont
i'm not able to downgrade to free, just to upgrade to the go+ option. any ideas?!
I tweeted the support staff and no one got back with me. I just IGed the SoundCloud IG account. I cancelled my GO+ service 3 days ago and money came out of my account today. How can we resolve this?
Before the day of May 7th, the last day of my previous term, I tried to cancel my subscription to Soundcloud Go+, but the website was not working for me to cancel it. I had no way to cancel the subscription, and now I am charged $9.99 to my account. How can we resolve this?
Good afternoon-
I used to be a happy user of SoundCloud. Last month, I was looking at my debit card transactions and I noticed that SoundCloud CHARGED me $9.99 on April 21st, 2017. I never signed up for SoundCloud trials, SoundCloudGo, SoundCloudPro, nor have I ever input any payment information on the app or on the site. I am getting charged, but I HAVE NO ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS as it states on my account. From my knowledge, I have always used the FREE version of SoundCloud. I do not wish to be charged for SoundCloud or have a SoundCloud subscription. I am not sure how this happened or how SoundCloud got a hold of my personal banking information..... that transaction was never authorized by me.
I'd appreciate your help, thank you.
i canceled the SoundCloud Pro version and that very same night, I decided to stay with the pro version from SoundCloud. I have no idea how to reactivate the account again and I am trying to sign up again and it keeps telling me that my card doesn't work. (I do not want to use another card. There is money and it works just fine.)

Please help]