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Hello, I've had the SoundCloud Pro subscription for exactly a year now and received a payment for it too renew. I unfortunately can not pay this bill due to payments in utilities for my apartment. I canceled my Pro subscription the exact day it was renewed and have still not received a refund. Is it possible to get a refund and cancel the Pro subscription for this year as well? Please I really need the money, as times are hard right now...
Cancel this subscription as i did not place this order and am extremely disappointed as you have taken the last bit of money I had left in my bank account! I have been using your app service for a long time now and I am beginning to wonder if this has happened before and how many times you may have deducted money from my account without me having noticed? I thought your app was free? Please contact me on 07835439979 because I would like to speak with someone about this.
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I have been paying for the card automatically today
I'd like to cancel my payment and get a refund
I was just charged this month for a SoundCloud subscription, I didn't even know I created an account and never used my subscription. I went in and cancelled it a few days after being charged. Is there any way I can receive a refund seeing I didn't use the account after being charged?
In the past I always got mails and notices before my plan expired. This time i got a receipt AFTER being charged for a pro account. I dont use soundcloud pro on this account and havent used it for a year. Please issue me a refund.
I have been trying to contact Soundcloud to get a refund and cancel my Pro Unlimited plan. I only signed up 2 days ago. I want to go back to my regular Pro subscription which I already paid for until 2019.
Can someon help me regarding this matter?

Thank you so much.

I forgot to cancel my free subscription and now they charged me today for a renewal. How do I get in contact with support team to get a refund? Thank you!
I got the trial version and it still charged 11€. Can i get a refund?
I have recently opted out of my subscription and i still have not received my refund
this thing wont let me cancel it keep take 4.99 im not using soundcloud if I push delete would it stop it the money is about to be taken on 8/23/18 how can I stop
Following the instructions to cancel or downgrade subscription from the help center. I had no prompts to cancel subscription in the EDIT menu. When going to 'switch plans', again no option to cancel and can not downgrade. Please advise.

I am a legal citizen of Canada, more specifically of Alberta. I recently took a trip to Quebec to see my family. I was going to get SoundCloud Go+ for a 30 day free trial, but upon arrival I noticed that the free trial was no longer available to me. The actual message stated that residents of Quebec did not get access to the free trial according to a law set in place. Because I was in Quebec at the time, it automatically thought I was a resident of Quebec. I was planning on purchasing an extra month on the end of that, but I was forced to buy the month that I was supposed to get for free. I feel as though I’ve been ripped off, and I also feel that this is an issue others may face. If this situation is not handled, I may even take it to court, as I should have legally received the 30 day trial but I have not.
I cancelled my soundcloud subscription prior to the renewal date yet I was still charged? I would like my money back.
I would like to have a pro account but when I try and pay I get blocked. This is due to years back that there was a problem with PayPal account which wasn't properly connected to my bank account. But I really need a pro account and I want to pay the year plan ahead.
Hello i canceled soundcloud pro 2 months ago, i have free subscription now and you yesterday také me 6 eur again!!! Whats going on??
Hello dear soundcloud . I canceled my subscription 2 months ago. And i have free soundcloud and yesterday you took 6 eur from my account again.. Why? Whats going on. Please give me Money back, this is terrible!!!!
I was offered "Soundcloud Go+" for free for 30 days and then at $12.99 per month.
However, after only several days into the "30 day period" I was charged the $12.99.
I don't understand why. I contacted apple, since the subscription was initialized on iOS. Apple explained to me that it was likely because I had previously used the free trial offer on the "Soundcloud Go", $6.99 per month plan, and that Soundcloud only allows 1 free trial per customer.

I can understand this policy. However, it is wrong to offer the free trial for a different plan, and then charge the customer without contacting them. I received no communication from soundcloud of any discrepancy regarding the free trial offered.

I have since cancelled my subscription and I would like a refund for the $12.99, which I never agreed to pay. Please Soundcloud, issue a refund and/or contact me about this issue. As a customer, I'd like some resolution.
Hello dear soundcloud, I canceled my subscription 2 months ago!!!!!! u took my money for one subscription 2 times and u didnt answer me then and didnt give me money back!!!!! i cancled it and now after 2 months u took me 6 eur again??? for what???? whats going on??? it is terrible.. i cannto call to you.. and solve this problem.. now i know why!!!
I've updated my subscription, tried paying [3 times the payment has been taken out for this month trying to solve this issue] It usually auto renews. On desktop, soundcloud shows as a paid subscription, but on my mobile app it shows that I need to upgrade, and all my music went to preview modes. I've waited over 24 hours to see if there was a system lag, ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mobile app, signing in and out. Still nothing. Any advice?
I’ve had consistently of payments took from my card for soundcloud go. I haven’t signed up for a subscription and somehow I keep getting money took out while I’ve complained many of times due to the failure of not showing me how to cancel this. I want my money back and this subscription cancelled