• 7 January 2019
  • 3 replies

it looks like payed and i have a reciet for this month for soundclound for pro unlited wots happend now i do not recive it thankyou

3 replies

my name is DJ Boulton unlited ridio sust need some help with my account please
i do not recived it anymore soundclound pro +
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Hi there,

It looks like the payment could not be processed (meaning no money was transferred), which is why your account has reverted to a free account. Not to worry - any tracks that are currently no longer showing on your account are merely hidden, nothing was deleted, so as soon as you upgrade your account again, all of your tracks with all of their play counts and comments will reappear automatically.

In order to upgrade, please go to If you still cannot seem to upgrade properly, please reach out to our Subscriptions team via the contact form here.