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  • 12 November 2018
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Hello Soundcloud,
Hope you'll read this with a smile yet seriously;
It's a bit of a bummer like a cold home coming after years of intense rehab; I already have a Pro Plan that I kept rolling during the 2 and 1/2 years that I was incapacitated through surgery (Lung cancer) out of love for soundcloud to find that now we're stuck with advertising, ultimately boring and totally wasted on us - it's a shame.
Please Soundcloud, let there be advertising only for non paying customers, that would be fair.
Right now I spend 40 euros and then some yearly which is quite enough for a 68 year old guy who has learnt that breathing is wonderful and music is schmusic indeed even tho it keeps us going - all the more so with this dull boring patronizing advertising thank you. (LWIWT = laughing while I write this).
I have always loved you Soundcloud, but this is a a dent in our relation-ship. Please before it runs aground:
But even so: Thanks for being there!
You were always beautiful.

P.S. I saw answers to related posts: the option TO CLICK IT AWAY is the bummer in itself!
We should not be forced to say NO thank you. The click away option does not quite cut the loss of serenity of what used to be probably the most beautiful music page ever. Now it's a bit "ornary"... sorry!

Yours truly,
Harry V
aka Harry Versluijs
Maastricht Netherlands.

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