• 9 April 2018
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I'm paying to Soundcloud for a Pro account and all of a sudden I've started to see ads--really annoying. This is what it says:
"Why ads? Every time you see or hear an ad, artists get paid. They're how we keep SoundCloud free for listeners.
Want to lose the interruptions? Go ad-free and continue to support your favorite artists with SoundCloud Go."

Do you want me to pay more to stop seeing those ads or what? I do not want to see any ads, I'd rather stop using Soundcloud altogether. Fix this for us Pro customers, please.

5 replies

Hi Jerry,
I was away for 2 and 1/2 yrs (health) and it's a shock to see the change, the ads I mean. Totaly wasted on us I think.
There is "the click away option" but that doesn't cut it. I complained (with a smile yet seriously) in my post Ads and Pricing. Thanks for writing this Jerry: it would seem that entire herds and flocks follow suit like sheep. Too bad.
Cheers to you m8te!
Yeah, it seems a bug. And there's no way to switch to Go account being a Pro. But Pro users receiving ads is ridiculous.
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Hi there,

Please see here for more info:
Hi there,

Please see here for more info:

First, we're all able to read your terms of use and "frequently asked questions". If we're still complaining here, it's because it is NOT a satisfying answer.
Then, we are some of the creators that make your company go on since it started (before you had all those headliners using your service), but moreover, we're telling you we're already paying for a service and would rather leave SC and stop paying, than still have to deal with ads. Doesn't it deserve a bit more of consideration? Or you confident enough to make your first supporters go away?..
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I totally agree. We PAY for SoundCloud, and we must listen to @#@$ ads which are impossible to stop ?

Give me another platform and I close my 3 pro SC accounts.