Ads on SC with Pro account

  • 21 March 2018
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I pay 9Eur per month to SC and still have the ads. Please help anyone!

6 replies

Me too. So now I have to pay a double subscription to a single company summing to almost 20 euros per month to upload and listen? lolwut
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disgraceful on sc part....

Seems my pro account isnt pro now..I need sc go as well.
at least, Soudcloud PRO users should have less ads...
I buy the tracks I like... I use Soundcloud to discover stuffs and upload mine.
I don't want to hear an ad every 10 minutes... NON SENS
I will never be a Go user, I'l not going to listen to Rihana...
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They've just had my last payment!
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I have a pro account and now my listening experienced is completely ruined by ads.
You expect me to pay for a further subscription on top of the one I have? ffs,
a free user has ads , I pay for pro and have ads also, what the hell am i doing.
Instead of getting a second subscription from me , you'll be getting none
when my current expires.
Its hard to believe you guys think it's a good idea to treat your paying customers this way...
Dakoda Sada
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Dear Soundcloud, why is it as Soundcloud Pro account holders who pay $15 USD per month for the service, we are now getting ads?

The explanation for the ads is apparently to get us to "upgrade" to Soundcloud Go and that "artists get paid" each time an ad plays.
Well guess what - many pro account users ARE ARTISTS THAT PROVIDE THE CONTENT FOR SOUNDCLOUD.
Yet you want us to now pay extra on top of our annual subscription fee for this?
The logic seems flawed!

My whole Soundcloud experience is ruined with these ads - please allow pro plan users to not be subjected to ads - you are double-dipping.

I have been a pro plan account holder for many years and given you a chunk of cash in the process - I do not expect to get ads on the pro plan.

Music subscription service such as Google Play, Spotify etc are ad-free $9.99 USD per month.
Granted a user cannot upload their own music to those platforms like Soundcloud but the pro plan is another 50% in price to accommodate that and it should be ad-free.

Please fix this before you make other pro plan users very unhappy!