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  • 8 June 2019
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I just took the plunge and paid for a years worth of a Pro Soundcloud account.

My question is simple - I don't want an automatic renewal (i.e. every year SC takes full year payment from my card with no warning). I just want 1 year and see how it goes.... hence why I opted to pay for the year and not monthly!!!!!

This should be easy - I followed the help instructions on this topic but there is no option to cancel automatic annual renewal as instructed on the help section. The instructions say there should be the option to cancel automatic renewal on "Subscriptions / Edit" page but there isn't the option!! The only option I have is to cancel the plan altogether or keep the plan I have!!!!

I just want to pay for the year and then in a years time have the option to upgrade.

Feels like a con to me - the help article for this issue has 75% "Unhelpful" rating. No wonder

Basics - so feels like its a ploy to keep my details and renew each year. I'm too unorganised to have random websites renewing each year from my card!!!! I don't want this.

Very disappointed after literally 2 minutes of paying for Soundcloud.

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