Billed twice

I'm being charged twice for your service and am VERY frustrated by the inability to contact someone from support about this issue. No email address? Go to twitter and then get re-directed back to Lame.

Apple is charging me $12.99 usd for "Music & Audio, SoundCloud Go+"
Your site is charging me $9.99 usd for "Monthly SoundCloud Go+ plan"

I didn't realize - dumb me - this until today (May 29th, 2018). Apple has been charging me since Aug 17th, 2017. You (soundcloud) have been charging me since Sep 20, 2017. I want $129.90 usd credited to my soundcloud account and I want want to terminate future Apple charges w/o losing the SoundCloud+ Go features on my iPhone. Someone from SoundCloud please contact me ASAP.

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Does anyone have advice for how to get in touch with SoundCloud support about this?
Mr. @Mathis would you be so kind as to provide advice on how to solve this problem?
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Hi @Merchell,

Sorry about the hassle - I've checked in with our subscriptions team about your case. We can only see the payments made to us directly. Payments to iTunes are not recorded on this account in our database.

This could mean that the Apple payments are going towards a different account (may be an account mix up).

Either way, I would highly recommend to reach out to the iTunes support and ask for assistance with this (given subscribing through iTunes might be slightly higher priced anyways). Here's how to proceed with this:

However, if you do decide to cancel the subscription that you have with SoundCloud directly, please see here for a how to:

Lastly, in order to get in touch with our subscriptions team directly, please go through the contact form on our Help Center.

Thank you Merchell, and apologies again about the inconvenience.