Billing me after cancelling a subscription

  • 4 June 2019
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Hi, my name is Doug Tuck as is my profile on SoundCloud. I'm positive that I cancelled my Pro plan last year after I was charged for it because the plan didn't renew the 6 hour upload time every year. Now, a few days ago I was charged yet again for the Pro plan even though I cancelled it AND don't use that account anymore. When I tried to cancel the plan yet again today, it was not allowing me. Even when I did think I successfully cancelled it, the plan was back yet again when I refreshed the page. I would really like to get my money back ($63) and have my Pro plan for that account (Doug Tuck) cancelled PLEASE. I would like to keep the profile however, and also the music currently uploaded on there. I just don't want to be charged for a plan anymore that doesn't benefit me. Please, please help me out here and respond as quickly as you can. Thank You.

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