• 29 March 2018
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WTF? I was using Soundcloud in the most normal way. Listening tio songs and then . commenting and then this f**king platform blacks me from commenting because it has determined I am commenting too much? This is bullsh*t. I am no spambot, I am a premium user and have been for 6 YEARS! I can see nothing unusual about my commenting patterns. Click on an artist, listen to a song, an d comment. WTF is the point oif this platform if you can't do that? And then what? There's no support to talk to about this. And what's up with the ads now? I've paid hundreds of dollars for thus service. This platform sucks. Time to find a new outlet.

2 replies

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There is an ever growing list of members with the same problem,Adam. I'm still hopeful it's an IT issue,but the silence leads to all kinds of conjectures and doesn't reflect well on soundcloud as a business model.

All anyone asks is to have a point of contact,which is what the help community ought to be.
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Hi there you two,

I just came across this topic - I believe there was indeed a glitch in the system around the time you reported this, so you should be all set again now. Sorry about the inconvenience.