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a few days ago i got a box pop up telling me i have been warned already (that day? or last six months? not to my knowledge) about being banned from making comments and that im banned for two days. And when i commented again out of auto-reflex to folks commenting on our tracks, i got the warning again telling me its been extended for another day. There are no details really. Even when you get to your policies page it gives us a few options that we could choose from that we think could possibly apply to us. Well finally today I was able to comment without getting any box pop up. And now I've been told i've been warned already and that i cannot comment again for i think it was two days, cause its small that text, and my initial reaction is to close the box. I would like details now. I would like to know what exactly im doing wrong in my commenting so that i can change my 'behaviour' otherwise i feel like not only that i am being treated like a bot that i am also dealing with a bot. plus, all our work, all the songs we have made that are housed in the taRka profile, they are all under this 'punishment' this ban. because the taRka profile cannot be so responsive. taRka has a pro account so its definitely a question: why are we paying to be banned?

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I have had a very similar experience over the past few days, and know that many others have. There is either a bug or new code that is badly designed. I have done nothing botlike. It is not actually acceptable behaviour on your part, Soundcloud. Should we block you?
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Same issue, definitely a bug. My account was unblocked today, but I could only answer about 30 comments on my own tracks and wrote just a handful on other's and now I am blocked again for longer. I have many more comments to answer, this is ridiculous. SUPPORT, ARE YOU THERE?
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I have had the same issue: suddenly a block, telling me I have been warned before WHICH IS NOT THE CASE!!!!!!
It's especially ridiculous because I am a pro user and I am paying you guys, just not to be treated like some freaking bot!

What's the deal here? It seems you are trying to run a social media kind of thing here, but you are kicking the very base of it.
Get this thing sorted out please. Thanks
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Yes, I've been blocked from commenting, the very "bread and butter" of a music based social media site. Most of us don't make any money with our music. In fact we only spend money on it, like when we pay you, soundcloud, to provide you with free content for your site, only to be treated like spambots and have you force banking commercials down our throats. Shame on you! I'd like a refund because you are costing me followers for sure. People now think I'm just ignoring their kind comments and they're walking away from me thinking, "I thought Joe was my friend but I guess he's a self-absorbed jerk". You seem to forget, soundcloud, that the only currency most of us will EVER get from our music is someone saying that they enjoyed it. That's it. And you've taken that away from us. WE can police bot activity on our own without your help. If someone spams me I can block them or unfollow them MYSELF. Please sort this out ASAP. I have been blocked from commenting for over a week and every time I try to comment you extend the block time. This is UNACCEPTABLE. A month's refund to paid users and an apology would be the right thing to do. You are truly biting the hand that feeds you.
Also, why does it say "Booker" next to our names in this forum?
Well put Joe, I couldn't wrote it better myself. I have same issue for first time, so I didn't know who to talk to about it. Hopefully this will resolve quickly without people leaving SC.
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@Mathis any answers?
@meezerpocalypse i read in trust and safety thread that they are trying to resolve the issue...... most of us can comment again, that's good. I would like it noted that the ban system is not user friendly in the case of folks who are not spamming.
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If you peruse this forum, you'll see many members are always having the same damn problems. I can't sign into this forum on my kindle fire for example. many users have problems liking a song. others have posers taking credit for their work and go after them to force their own music off their profiles. SC need to step things up. big-time, if they expect us pro and premium members to keep paying the bills.