Blocked from commenting for „Spam“?

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I encountered for the absolute first time a window telling me that I was blocked from commenting for 5 days for having received numerous warnings for Spamming! I have not seen any! That must be a Joke!
Thank you for curbing my efforts, SoundCloud.
Kindly explain what kind of warning I received and then?
soundcloud, you are not helping us, you are cashing in on us.

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Oh .... and today‘s April 1st ... this is a joke!:@
And before you ask, I never copy and paste and I comment only on tunes I listen to...
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This is absolutely a joke!
SoundCloud must explain to us what is going on.
After unblock, you must be careful to make a comments.
Because, you might get blocked again afterwards.
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Just stopped auto- renewal for my subscription...time to move on!
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Bad support, ignoring this issue is their answer.
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I have the same issue. A block, out of nowhere.
Please fix this ridiculous issue as soon as possible SoundCloud. I am a PAYING CUSTOMER