Buying SoundCloud Go Subscription as a gift

  • 26 November 2016
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I would like to purchase my boyfriend a SoundCloud Go subscription as a gift. Is there a way I can buy it and give him an email link? It seems like the only way to do it is to have him give me his username and password, which sort of spoils the surprise.

Thank you!

7 replies


Dont read right the terms.
Bought a pro membership as gift as mistak because i thought it was GO :-(

And now i read here, that there is no option to buy GO for a friend as a gift.

Really Really BAD
Found this thread through Google. Still nothing in terms of gifting Go. I'll have to agree - this is nuts. I know I can't speak for everyone but I feel like people are more likely to gift Go than Pro. It is unfortunate that this is still not available, I would definitely made use of it.
Wow. A company is offering a product for sale, but still – nearly a year after this inquiry was posted – doesn't make it possible for someone to give that product to another person as a gift? This seems utterly crazy to me, particularly since I came to this page after a Google search because my teenage son specifically asked for a Soundcloud Go subscription for Hanukkah. I wonder how many other parents will be giving their children subscriptions to Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora because Soundcloud isn't interested in this potentially substantial revenue stream. I think I now have a clearer understanding of why this company is on the verge of bankruptcy!
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Hi there,

This is currently not an option. I have forwarded the query to our Payments product team though.
So - one may purchase a _Pro_ membership as a gift, but not a _Go_ membership as a gift? Does a _Pro_ membership include a superset of _Go_ membership functionality?
Doesn't appear to be an option right now.
I have the same question, how? I mean, not for their boyfriend but for someone else?