Can't upgrade to SoundCloud Go, in Germany, local sim, bought Android 9+ in Abu Dhabi

Currently living Germany for 1/3 of year. I also live in Abu Dhabi where I bought my Samsung Galaxy 9+, my carrier there is Etisalat, as always, I change Sims in Germany to local carrier. In the pasó was always able to upgrade when in Germany. But now I cnat upgrade to SoundCloud Go. Even installed VPN. Keep getting message, payment cannot be completed, try again. Nothing wrong with my cc's. Only my regular SoundCloud works. Also tried to download Spotify app. Getting error message "app not available in your country".... Despite having been added to their family plan... Why is my phone still linked to UAE? Tried to change Google account settings, still not working.only thing I was able to install was the VPN which is not helping.

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