Canceled GO yet I'm still being billed?????

  • 21 September 2017
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Im not very happy with you guys right now. I have a confirmation email from you guys acknowledging my cancellation of GO, yet i just checked my bank account and youre still billing me $9.99???? What the fuck? Very frustrated with soundcloud right now.
So, i need 2 things. #1 to actually CANCEL my subscription, and #2, a refund for getting billed YET AGAIN, after i cancelled. If you need proof i can definitely show you the email.

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3 replies

I have just noticed the exact same thing!!! This is unbelievable!!
After the free trial back in OCTOBER 2016!!! I used Go+ for one more month and decided that I didn't get enough value out of it and cancelled it.
I DID NOT receive a cancellation confirmation but the payment stopped for 2 months and then just RESTARTED again. So I have been charged £9.99 from March until November EVERY MONTH after cancelling in December. I have now cancelled AGAIN and yet AGAIN I have not received an email confirmation so I could at least proof that I cancelled that stupid subscription!!!
I WANT A CONFIRMATION AND MY MONEY BACK! That are £100 that have been charged without my permission or me ever using this service!
Yes I am also very very heated, I canceled sound cloud go and I am also still being charged, I took this up with a representative years ago and Im still be charged. How do you guys plan to fix this I have unnecessary charges to my name.
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Sorry to hear this has caused problems in the past. In case anyone else comes across this issue, please see here how to cancel your subscription: