Canceling a Recent Renewal

  • 13 April 2017
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  • Booker*
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I have been a SoundCloud Pro member for 3 years. When it came time to renew this morning, I didn't think about it at all. I consider producing a hobby and love the freedoms that the Pro account offers me, so I renewed. But, after listening to ONE song, I was met with an ad. Then another... then another... I'm being asked to sign up for another subscription (on top of the $15/mo I already pay) to remove ads.

What really bugs me though, is that I'm forced to post this publicly. There is no live support, there is no email support, not even a phone number. I'm given the option of "Public Forum" or "Twitter" to discuss matters relating to my personal account. It's... well, ridiculous.

Is there any way to cancel a subscription, given that it was placed within the hour?

4 replies

I'd like to add to this post. I haven't used my soundcloud in 8 months and my account was recently automatically renewed for a year. I did send an e-mail to soundcloud to ask if I could get a cancellation and refund, but all I received was a feedback form on the service I received. I'm still yet to receive any help on this matter.
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that doesn't look good. Some Soundcloud admins should look at this.
Posting on twitter about these problems may get some attention.
Good luck
Sent them a tweet early this morning. No reply. Been trying to get hold of them for a good 3 days now. Getting a bit frustrated.
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Hi there,

For any inquiries about your personal subscription, it will always be best to file a ticket for this so someone from our billing & subscriptions team can take a look and get back to you personally.

Please see here to learn how to get in touch depending on the specific issue.

The contact form for your particular case can be found here.

Thanks & all the best