Canceling my subscription

  • 21 May 2017
  • 2 replies

Ok I'm pissed off. i have wanted to cancel my subscription for 3 month now and haven't been able to because the magical "pencil" beside the edit button on the subscription page isn't there. Every single time i hit edit it just shows me my current plan and a different plan that is only $5 instead of $10 and there is NOTHING that says stop renewal. Please don't just say 'oh well if you want to cancel go here" because it doesn't work i need actual help.

2 replies

Same issue here! I tried emailing and was directed back here (not helpful) and to "file a ticket". I can't figure out the latter. This is ridiculous and I am ready to file a complaint with BBB after wasting so many hours on a task that should take three seconds.
ya im pissed too because its taken so long to try to figure it out. when i figured out there was a “restore subscription” button and i was told to click it and “go from there” it would load for a few second and go back to the start. every single time. and the support center is bs. completely useless and unhelpful