Cancelling my current Pro plan and going to Basic

  • 6 June 2019
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Hi, I've looked up how to downgrade my current plan but it doesn't allow me to change to SoundCloud basic. The only option it gives me is to upgrade to Pro Unlimited. It'd be really nice if someone can help me with this or anyone who knows a different way to cancel a Pro subscription. Thanks

1 reply

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Hi Doug,

From what I can see, you've now opted out of your reoccurring subscription, meaning your subscription would not renew another year.

Since the most recent renewal was processed only a few days ago, I'd recommend you to reach out to our subscriptions team to check your options - from what I can see, if you went back to a free account at this point, many of your tracks would become hidden because you have uploaded more than 180 min of content, which is the total quota for free accounts.

Feel free to refer to this topic on the Community when you reach out, too, so the team can get some context.

All the best