Cannot upgrade to PRO!?

I've tried for the past few months to try and upgrade to PRO every now and then and it has never gone through, tried different browsers, computers, payment types, it's never worked. As soon as I hit submit, I'm stuck in a screen that is constantly "loading" when it's really just frozen and hangs there until I close out.

No I am not getting charged, but I do want to upgrade to PRO, but I have not been able to do so.

Can support or someone ALLOW me to make a payment and manually upgrade my account to pro for god's sake.

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The lack of response from this people is pathetic.
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Just coming across this topic - I can see that you've been able to upgrade to a Pro account on the same day you posted this initially. What did you do to solve this issue? Maybe it was some sort of Adblocking extension in your browser? In that case, using a private / incognito browser window can often help with these things already.

Did you find the answer to this? I've tried everything incognito, clearing coockies, restarting, different computer, nothing works. It won't even load pay pal. Is this a Soundcloud based error that needs to be fixed asap? What is up?