Cant repost grayed out tracks after renew subscription.

  • 8 December 2016
  • 2 replies

My paid account subscription expired, so tracks were hidden when we dropped to a free account. I upgraded to a Pro Unlimited account, but the tracks are still hidden. I can see them grayed out, but don't have a way to make them active again. Money is taken monthly but can post re post my previous tracks that are grayed out

2 replies

Does anyone know how to contact someone regarding my issue???????
Is this post in the correct arena??????
Is there a phone number

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Hi Mikie,

I've sorted this one our for you now, all set - all of your tracks are showing.

I did notice that your current email address bounces, which means we've tried to send you an email, however received an error message. This might have caused the issue in the first place, so let's make sure you get this sorted to prevent further glitches on your account. Please check your settings on a computer web browser and make sure the email address is valid. If this is the case, here's more info & troubleshooting.

Also, here's information on email requirements.