Failed Subscription Activation

First I'd just like to say that this is my first post on this help community for soundcloud, but it seems similar to a forum, so to any that reply hello and thank you. And i feel like just throwing in that I'm a huge fan of Soundcloud and am glad to have made it my primary music platform.

Now for my problem I haven't been able to solve. So i normally pay for the SoundCloud Go+ subscription every month. It doesn't do it automatically for some reason but I'm used to inputting thr card stuff by now. When i tried to pay for it this month it declined the payment so i forgot about it for a couple days. But then on the 12th of July las week i got a charge from Soundcloud for $10. I would be okay with this because that means my payment went through, but i have no subsription on my account I've tried multiple troubleshooting routes that the help pages had but none worked. I have screenshots of the charge to my account. If someone can help I'd appreciate it a lot.
-Marky Joe

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