Family plan??

Does this exist?

I'm on the SoundCloud Go+ subscription and share my account with my wife. If I'm listening to something and she starts playing a track from her device I get booted. I realize that is by-design, but is there a plan that allows for a family of multiple accounts to share a common stream of tracks?

Basically we operate like this–we both have the mobile app installed and are logged in under my account. We each curate music via 'likes' under my profile and then we listen to the liked feed under my account using the profile icon -> 'liked tracks' on our respective devices. Having separate accounts would mean we lose the ability to curate music together into a single feed, quickly accessible in the app.

Is there something that supports this in such a way that we can both listen to music at the same time? Ideally we'd have a family plan and in the UI we'd have an easy affordance to jump to the 'likes' curated across all accounts linked in that plan.


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