following accounts i didn't choose to follow?

  • 18 October 2017
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hey folks,
when you access your feed (especially from app) does anyone else see that they are following accounts that they did not choose to follow? all the time when i log on from my app, i see a bunch of tracks reposted from "BUMPZ MUSIC" (or something like that) and i know i never followed them. when i go to the profile, it indicates that i am.

how can this be prevented? i looked in settings and didn't see anything.


2 replies

its almost like the auto twitter following I feel you just annoying
maybe they paid money and some how got your follow. beat of luck homie
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this. Please be sure to check your settings page at and revoke access to any services that you're unsure of. Chances are that you've followed or liked to download a specific track in the past, which can sometimes cause for an app to be connected to your account. Once you're revoked access, you should be all set for future follows.