Got billed twice for SoundCloud PRO unlimited and the features for it haven’t been unlocked

  • 25 November 2017
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So I tried upgrading to soundcloud pro unlimited but I ended up getting billed twice and none of the features for it got activated. Please help, don’t know what to do?

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Hmm - so I was able to look into this with our subscription team and we've sorted out the duplicate payment for your SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription. A refund is on the way, give it a few work days to fully process with your bank. The features are all available now on your monthly paid Pro Unlimited plan.

Apart from that, I noticed you tried upgrading to SoundCloud Go+ via Apple, however this didn't work out. In order to follow up on this one, please reach out to the iTunes support, as only they will be able to help further. If you want to upgrade to SoundCloud Go+, you can also do this on the website