hidden tracks - unlimited upgrade?

  • 13 October 2015
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Hi...I have over 500 tracks hidden due to not enough minutes. If I go ProUnlimited...will they all just magically appear?

I'd prefer for them to stay hidden, so I can take the time and select which of these I want visible.

2 replies

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Hey Jonathan,

Yup, they magically appear if you go Pro Unlimited of course you can also go Pro if you don't plan to have too much content on your profile.

I started with 2 tracks and a subscription that allows 6 hrs/mo. I deleted - or at least thought I did - the first track - because I needed to fix and re-edit it. I never uploaded that but can't seem to anyway because of the message that supposedly I went over 198 minutes. I have recently been charged for another month which I think is a racket because I can't upload the file 4hr file this month I re-edited. I'm stuck with only one track (track_2) and a hidden track_1 which should not be there because I deleted it. I would like a refund for the 2nd month I was charged or at least be able to upload the edited version of track_1. The 198 minute overtime is just ridiculous.