How and for what reason has my plan terminated?

  • 21 October 2018
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Hello. I purchased a Soundcloud Pro Unlimited plan some time back. I just tried to refresh my feed in iTunes and found that most of my episodes were gone. I have an email from Soundcloud stating that my plan has expired. I was not aware that an expiration date was associated with the plan. I don't recall seeing that in the terms and conditions. I find it intolerably frustrating to be referred to other users in order to obtain information about an account specific issue. Can anyone please explain to me what may have occurred? I also want to ask this: Doe anyone on this planet know of a way to actually email soundcloud directly? As we all know, the email address which soundcloud publicly provides is not useful. I cannot imagine that this will occur, but I would like for an actual employee of soundcloud to contact me directly. To anyone, employee or otherwise who can provide any assistance, thank you so very much.

1 reply

To clarify, the email stated that my plan was terminated; not that it had expired. Thanks again.