How Can I Get In Direct Contact With Someone Who Works For Soundcloud

  • 5 January 2018
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I have a very specific question that isn't addressed in any of the FAQ links or any other topic threads, and I really just need to have a quick backd an forth with a human who works at Soundcloud. How can I do this?

4 replies

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You cant.
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+1. Total BS. Time for a new platform.
After a lot of searching I concluded that the SoundCloud website does not have any Support Ticket link, or any email address for such contact. There is a message in this forum site:

pointing to a support ticket form:

I used this, asking about why I was only presented with options for Basic and Pro Unlimited, when I wanted to resubscribe to Pro. 8 days later I got an email reply pointing me to the normal page for this, which I mentioned in my support ticket message, which still has this same problem. The email came from . I replied to them via email, with a screenshot of the page I am having trouble with.

The absence of SC staff replies on this forum site and the late and completely ineffective response to my support ticket makes me think the machinery is cranking away without enough intelligent human intervention to make it do what paying customers reasonably expect. In my case the lack of support means I am prevented from being a paying customer again.

My experience of man against badly designed machine was heightened by the support form sprouting a very long series of new questions as I filled it in. Eventually, when I thought it was actually going to send my request, I recall that it pointing me to forum messages instead. There must be a very complex set of programming behind this scheme to fob people off to support forums rather than actually helping them with a real person in SC who should know what they are doing. I was able to avoid the trap and eventually figured out how to send the support request, again by negotiating a number of questions which kept sprouting up depending on how I answered the previous questions.

There was no email acknowledgement of my support ticket at the time, so for all I know I might as well have been typing into /dev/null.

8 days later, someone did reply, but the total benefit to me so far is indistinguishable from me spending an hour and a half typing dutifully into /dev/null. This is a lousy way to treat someone who wants again to be a paying customer.

I use SoundCloud primarily so I can embed player objects in web pages such as:

Can anyone suggest another service which allows this, or some kind of player, with a bar-graph display of sound level, which doesn't rely on any other website?
Soundcloud is terrible, I need help they have been charging me for more than a year wrongly and I need support. This is unacceptable