How do I get paid back from soundcloud my $63.00 fee?

  • 15 July 2018
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I started some account on soundcloud. It was the middle usage plan for a year. I paid $63.00. Then I decided to upgrade to the highest account privileges account at $15.00/month. I'm fine with paying the $15.00/month fee, but genuinely realize I need to be reimbursed the $63.00 for the purchase of a lesser account because I upgraded like 2 days later. I greatly dislike that that $63.00 amount was still charged when I upgraded practically 1-2 days later. Where is a number I can call or email address to which I can write to remedy this unjust financial complication? Thanks!

1 reply

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Hi John,

Hmmm, given this is 2-3 months ago now, I'm not sure in how far we can still help with this, but this isn't my decision anyways. Please reach out to our subscriptions team about this directly.

All the best