How I can Pay from PayPal Balance ?

  • 28 January 2017
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The question is clear, I have PayPal balance and I would like to use it to upgrade my channel to Pro Package. Normally, when I try to pay using PayPal option it is proceeding me to a pop up frame asking me to add debit/credit card. Which makes no difference if the user chose the option of paying using his card from the beginning.

Many tiny dreamers are bogged down due to the fact that they cannot move to next level of their business here. I'm sure this will helps growing the community here and encourages new podcasters to came here and start publishing.


3 replies

I got the same issue,.
Wanna pay for a pro plan with credit from my paypal acount.
But it keeps asking to add a creditcard
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Hello there,

Thanks for your question and interest in a Pro account. If you can normally make payments with PayPal via a direct bank transfer but are currently being prompted to enter a credit card, this is because PayPal has activated an extra layer of fraud protection on your account based on your past payment activity. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do from our end about this. You'll need to reach out to PayPal to see if they can change these settings for you or you will need to pay with a credit card.

There is a work around solution you can try to make your payment: buy a gift plan and redeem it on your own account. This purchasing option uses a different processor than our main purchasing page so it's possible you won't run into the same problem. However, please note that this only works for yearly Pro accounts, not monthly.

All you need to do is buy a gift here "" and then redeem the gift yourself (redeem here:

Hope that helps - please let me know if you have any further questions!

Best wishes,
hey Mathis,

I feel you guys have made it more difficult for artists and made it easier for advertisers to benefit of all the music. This is a big disappointment. leaving no room for smaller artists or labels who dont have a credit card.