How to listen to soundloud go on Desktop PC

  • 8 January 2018
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Hi there!

I really like soundcloud and testet the soundcloud go feature. I was pretty happy with that but there is one deal breaker for me.

When iam not at home i use the android app and it works fine. At home i used to use aimp4 on my pc cause its the only way to use the media keys (next song and so on) on my keyboard. When i play a games (fullscreen app) i want to be able to skip a song without tabing out the game. Until i got access to the go feature that worked great for me with the aimp4 plugin.

Now with soundcloud go comes the problem that 3rd party apps cant playback the premium tracks. So is there any offical windows 10 app or some other way to use soundcloud go without the browser?

This may sound ridiculous but as i said its a deal breaker for me. Why should i pay for something that i can only use 50% of the time..

Edit: Oh ok i found the Windows 10 beta APP... boy back in my days you would call this alpha... how hard can it be to add an volume control... i think i will give spotify a shot

1 reply

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Goto Microsoft store it has soundcloud app. You can download it from there now "Soundcloud for Windows"