How to remove connected devices from my account?

  • 25 December 2017
  • 3 replies

When i try to connect to soundcould with my new smartphone,i receive a message telling me 10 devices are already connected to this account and that i must disconnect one of those 10 to have access to my account. But the problem is that i don't have any other device connected to my account except for my pc, and i don't find how to remove these non-existing devices from my account. May someone help me please?

3 replies

easy, just login in the other devices and close session (logout).
Hope it helps!
The problem is there is no other devices, i think the application thinks there is because i changed phone multiple times in the last months, and i don't have the previous ones anymore...
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Hi Arthur,

Just came across this topic - sorry there hasn't been any closer moderation from our end before. If this was still an issue, it should now be sorted for you :)

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