How to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your SoundCloud subscription

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Hey there Community,

We're outlining how to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your SoundCloud subscription on our Help Center. Please see the following resources for each scenario.

Purchase a SoundCloud subscription

Upgrading to Pro or Pro Unlimited from a Free plan

Canceling or downgrading your Pro subscription*

Canceling your SoundCloud Go subscription*

If you need further assistance with your subscription or billing, please file a ticket via our Help Center.

Thank you & all the best

*Please make sure to perform these steps on your web browser from a computer

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I know how to downgrade from SoundCloudGo if I need to, but I signed up for a 30-day free trial and I want to cancel my subscription and the trial completely. How do I do that? I don't want to pay for the subscription at all, All I wanted was to try it out for a little bit then, as the plan was supposed to go, I would cancel it after that but since I have a free trial I can't cancel it completely. HELP!!
I attempted to cancel my subscription to SoundCloud Pro before I was billed. Whenever I try to cancel the only option I have is to switch to an unlimited plan or renew the Pro option. I am not sure if there is an option to cancel honestly & every attempt I have to email it just sends me to which does not have any link to send an email. I was wondering if there is any way to cancel the account since my bank account says that I was already charged.
I also could not find how to unsubscribe

I signed up for the 3 months for a dollar and have been charged 9.99 for the 4th month. I am trying to cancel this subscription and it turning out to be impossible. My first issue came when the webpage said if I am on a Mac, I need to cancel through Mac support. Mac support was unable to help because it appears the subscription is not through iTunes, it is was through my Facebook account even though I ordered it (regrettably) through my phone. One sentence says "I need to contact the app publisher," but gives no information on how to do that. There seems to be no way to contact anyone at SoundCloud. Please help this is very frustrating!
Hello i cant downgrade since 1 week.. when i click on the link, it uploading non stop.. what to do?
I've tried various ways to Cancel my account for past 2 months, which i am being billed $15 a month for since last year.
(I needed the service for a few months--that's it.)
Your phone # goes into a mailbox which states you do not offer phone assistance or has been a Full mailbox.
Can't find a chat box to talk to anyone. This site is NOT user friendly. Totally unhappy with this company.
Your Help Community seems like a lot of others are having the same problem.
I did not purchase this through Apple, it was through you directly--I'd think it would not be such a run-around
to cancel. Please do something asap!
Hey im trying to downgrade my subscripton from pro and it wont let me. It keeps taking money off my card. I dont want it anymore
I want to cancel also and it is impossible. I will have to contact the better business Bureau for support and advice on next coarse of action.
I want to cancel Go but selecting 'Subscriptions' on the app does absolutely nothing and I cant find any way to cancel. I am very angry, please help.
I have tried following the instructions on this page but it will not inlet me cancel my subscription. It keeps trying to force me to upgrade to Go+. I do not want to do that. I just want to cancel my Go subscription. I even tried to send something through the Help Center but there is NO option for help with canceling a subscription. I am getting VERY frustrated and upset. Please help! And not just point me to the page I already linked.
Mathis, the steps depicted in the Help section for canceling do not work- at least on my MacBook. When I click on "subscription", I see information on my current subscription and an edit button- but no "pencil". When I click on edit, I am offered the choice to upgrade. There is no option to cancel the subscription. Please advise.
I am trying to cancel my subscription, which I just began as a free trial a few days ago. However, I have now spent hours attempting this task in vain. The Help section has been of no help. The steps and screenshots (in the much too fast video) do not depict what I see on my screen (MacBook Pro, Soundcloud Go account). I am only offered an edit (no pencil) button and when I click on the edit button, I am given a choice to upgrade- not to cancel. The only advice I have seen on the Help forum is to link the thoroughly unhelpful steps depicted in the Help section. Canceling a subscription should be simple and easy.

Please cancel my subscription immediately and remedy this problem for your subscribers.
I went into the subscription page- hit that edit button and it will let me downgade from PRO Unlimited to PRO but not to a free account or to just cancel my account. Why? How can I cancel? Regards,
Hello, Soundcloud yesterday I randomly tested SoundCloud GO and found that I didn't require this subscription, However, I have tried to cancel this feature and I can't seem to return to basic SoundCloud subscription could anyone advise on how to fix this issue.

I am a new user to Ableton and am trying to upload a song. Doesn't work apparently. In my pursuit to solve the issue, I signed up for a free trial of SoundCloud. I wish to cancel all and any payment your company, because your product and service is dreadful. Please get back with me soon or I will be forced to take legal action. Thank you.
Followed all the steps for free trial cancel on iOS device. But when I open settings for payment info it does not give the option to cancel subscription. My trial ended on June 9, yet I canceled later. The requirement already set to July 9 and is set to 12.99. Will this charge my phone bill? I do not see a cancel option. Please help and reply ASAP.
Hi Soundcloud,
I bought the go subscription with Paypal and went onto my phone and cancelled my subscription in June but I see I was still charged for the month of July. I tried to cancel my subscritpion under the subscrition tab on Soundcloud but there was no place to click terminate the GO Plan. Please advise! This is very frustrating.
I kinda of bought Soundcloud Pro Ilimited but I want to cancel and I don't know how
My renewal date for my Soundcloud Go+ subscription was TODAY and I just forgot to cancel it before it charged me. I've been looking all over this site for an official refund or official contact way for Soundcloud but haven't found anything. I'm requesting a refund for my account that was JUST CHARGED today.
I would like to cancel my subscription but can't figure out how. I signed up for Pro-Unlimited a year ago and I've been receiving reminder emails about my subscription auto-renewing and I was planning on cancelling the last day which is today. However, this morning my credit card got charged.

@SoundCloud Community Support I would like to cancel my account all together and get a full refund for the charge I received today.

Please and thank you!
I've been trying to cancel my account for some time now , the app won't give me subscription settings it only says what my subscription is , I tried doing it the apple way through settings and it wasn't there! The website won't let me log into any settings either it just shows music or redirects me to the app
I want to cancel my subscription
hi my name is Josh i am just trying to find out how to cancel the 7 day trial as i want to cancel it i dont find it useful for sound cloud go is there anyway of doing it
I am trying to cancel my account but can't find the link to do so anywhere. have followed all steps given but my subscription doesn't appear despite it working and paying for it. any ideas?
Hello. I've have the highest SoundCloud for 3 months.. I've tired cancelling multiple times but I don't have a computer! So I'm paying for something I don't use and can't cancel! Can this be rectified ASAP please and refunded at least one of the months fees? Regards.