How to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your SoundCloud subscription

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I would like to downgrade my plan that I just go billed for. I want to cancel that plan and downgrade to a regular Pro plan. I don’t want the switch to be made for my next year subscription, I want the change for this year subscription and indeed receive the the reimbursement extra that was already charge.

Thank you
I am using soundcloud since august, using a free-testing month you were offering.
After a few days of using, I realized that the way music was organized on your platform wasn’t practical to ma at all, and I wanted to delete my inscription, as you permitted it BEFORE I had to pay for it.
I went to your website, to my account. And their was written that I wasn’t any subscription on my account, so I didn’t have to cancel anything.
I totally stopped using soundcloud at that time (I bet you can totally check that ).
Then, a few days ago, soundcloud 9€99 on my paypal account. For no reason.
When I go back to my soundcloud account, like five minutes ago, it still says I have NO SUBSCRIPTION to soundcloud. So no reason to pay for anything.
Please, fix it, I just want my money back, and never hear about soundcloud again.

Thank you in advance for your help.
It's impossible to cancel this. I can't find the cancel button. Someone can help?
Im having trouble canceling my soundcloud pro, i keep pushing "cancel plan" but nothings happening
I cannot seem to cancel my subscription on my iOS phone or web page on a computer. I have seen all the links /process to cancel but none of these options are showing for me. Please cancel my account with immediate effect, I have been trying to for months now and I can see from previous threads in the community chat I am not the only person this has happened to!!
Hello there.
I brought a yearly pro subscription instead of monthly pro subscription now I wanted to cancel yearly subscription plan but I followed all the steps but still am not able to find th cancel option.
Please help.
I am out of money.
Hello soundcloud. I have a problem. i can't cancel my "soundcloud go" subscription, because there are no canceling button on that page.
I am not able to locate my account. There is no customer service I can reach out via email or call. I want to cancel my subscription.
Else I will call my bank and mark you as spam for no payment.
horrible company- no customer support
How do I cancel my Ho plus account please?
Im trying to cancel the subscription dew to automatic renewal, something that I didn't know was going to happen, how do I get in touch with soundcloud support or an email to get in contact.
How do you cancel this shit.
I cant cancel it either
Also trying to find this, they have made it impossible to downgrade your subscription. money grabbing fools
Last night I hit the week free trail for SoundCloud go, now I just checked my subscriptions in settings and it says that I’m subscribed for one month and it will charge me $5.99. I’ve been trying to get a hold of anyone from SoundCloud but I literally cannot get in touch with them. Any advice?
Hi Soundcloud !

For the second time this month I try to cancel my plan to SC GO+ but it doesn’t change anything whereas I do what you recommend
Tomorrow I am supposed to be charged, please cancel it before !

Thank you very much
Yet again I have been getting ignored by Soundcloud. THERE IS NO OPTION TO CANCEL SOUNDCLOUD PRO SUBSCRIPTION!
I have been trying to cancel my monthly direct debit from my credit card but there is no easy way of doing it. Can someone help me cancel my monthly direct debit from my credit card?
hi there i need help,is any option available to cancel my soundcloud account,please
Hi, I decided to sign up for the 7 day free trial because i wanted to be able to download music onto my phone. However, I have learned that this is not possible, and I would like to cancel that subscription. I was trying to cancel from my phone when I learned that this can only be done online, which i find very inconvenient because I do not have a computer. I would appreciate if sound cloud could cancel on my behalf. Thank you
Yo I'm gonna need you to downgrade my subscription.

Like many others have stated, there is no way to downgrade your account by following the instructions you give on your website. This is really frustrating as I have to make this thread to do something that should be relatively simple.

Please look in to this, whether or not it is intentional is up for debate. You really need to stop and think whether it is acceptable / ethical to not allow customers to cancel easily.

Again, I have followed your instructions to the subscription page, followed the links and there is NO button to cancel / downgrade my account....

This is all I see:
I'm not able to access my subscriptions to cancel my free trial before it bills me. I would have been fine being billed earlier this month but I'm running low on cash now and I can't afford the $10 bill I'll inevitably receive once my free subscription ends.
Hello, I have a problem. I didn't know that every month I will pay for Pro Unlimited plan without any confirmation. Today $16.00 was discarded and I want to know is there any way to get them back cause now I really need it. I already cancelled the subscription, but before I read some information I didn't expected that the money will be written off from my card, so is there any way to solve the problem?
I would like to unsubscribe
Today my subscription was automatically renewed without any
notice. I dont want to renew it. How can i cancel this operation?
I'm trying to downgrade my SoundCloud account to the free version. We don't use it anymore and were just charged $135 for another year.
I assume they won't let me get a refund for that...
I'm unable to change it to the free version in my account.

How can I do this?