How to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your SoundCloud subscription

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Hey there Community,

We're outlining how to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your SoundCloud subscription on our Help Center. Please see the following resources for each scenario.

Purchase a SoundCloud subscription

Upgrading to Pro or Pro Unlimited from a Free plan

Canceling or downgrading your Pro subscription*

Canceling your SoundCloud Go subscription*

If you need further assistance with your subscription or billing, please file a ticket via our Help Center.

Thank you & all the best

*Please make sure to perform these steps on your web browser from a computer

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Hello there.
I brought a yearly pro subscription instead of monthly pro subscription now I wanted to cancel yearly subscription plan but I followed all the steps but still am not able to find th cancel option.
Please help.
I am out of money.
I want to cancel also and it is impossible. I will have to contact the better business Bureau for support and advice on next coarse of action.
You just sent that email to advise me that you charged 115 CAD on my credit card?!
I don’t think I ever received a notification for the renewal.
I DIDN’T WANT TO RENEW since I didn’t post any new material since a while.
Please downgrade my access to free account as of today and refund the subscription fee.
Thank you
Me too! So I’m waiting for somebody to reply...
Hello, I have a problem. I didn't know that every month I will pay for Pro Unlimited plan without any confirmation. Today $16.00 was discarded and I want to know is there any way to get them back cause now I really need it. I already cancelled the subscription, but before I read some information I didn't expected that the money will be written off from my card, so is there any way to solve the problem?
I want to cancel my SoundCloud go pro and what my mom money back
I would like to unsubscribe
Followed all the steps for free trial cancel on iOS device. But when I open settings for payment info it does not give the option to cancel subscription. My trial ended on June 9, yet I canceled later. The requirement already set to July 9 and is set to 12.99. Will this charge my phone bill? I do not see a cancel option. Please help and reply ASAP.
hi my name is Josh i am just trying to find out how to cancel the 7 day trial as i want to cancel it i dont find it useful for sound cloud go is there anyway of doing it
I am trying to cancel my account but can't find the link to do so anywhere. have followed all steps given but my subscription doesn't appear despite it working and paying for it. any ideas?
Today my subscription was automatically renewed without any
notice. I dont want to renew it. How can i cancel this operation?
How do you cancel this shit.
I'm trying to downgrade my SoundCloud account to the free version. We don't use it anymore and were just charged $135 for another year.
I assume they won't let me get a refund for that...
I'm unable to change it to the free version in my account.

How can I do this?
I need to cancel my subscription ASAP! Help PLEASE
I cant cancel it either
Hello. I've have the highest SoundCloud for 3 months.. I've tired cancelling multiple times but I don't have a computer! So I'm paying for something I don't use and can't cancel! Can this be rectified ASAP please and refunded at least one of the months fees? Regards.
Im having trouble canceling my soundcloud pro, i keep pushing "cancel plan" but nothings happening
Okay I have been trying to cancel my Soundcloud Go subscription before I get charged on Sept 11.But I can't cancel became Soundcloud doesnt let Android users cancel from the App you have to cancel from a desktop computer. Well I dont have a desktop computer, I just have a phone and a tablet.I have done everything I can think of, I even went to the Samsung website in Desktop Mode and nothing seems to work. I dont get why Soundcloud doesnt have a number for Customers to call for technical support or why you guys don't have someone I could at least chat with.
I didn't know you had an auto-purchase subscription feature. I didn't need it for the next month and I lost my $8. Please, if you have possible such a function, then return my money and remove status PRO. I really like your service, and I hope that you will meet my expectations. Thank you :)

Yet again I have been getting ignored by Soundcloud. THERE IS NO OPTION TO CANCEL SOUNDCLOUD PRO SUBSCRIPTION!
Did you have any luck yet? Experiencing the same issues!
Can I please cancel my subscription? The account is “ElocL”

I thought I had canceled my renewal, however I was just charged today for a monthly subscription. It was declined. I have now canceled.
I have barely ever used this service, and am not happy to pay for a second month of it. Can you please cancel it retroactively for the one day and refund me the approx. 10 dollars?
Hi Soundcloud,
I bought the go subscription with Paypal and went onto my phone and cancelled my subscription in June but I see I was still charged for the month of July. I tried to cancel my subscritpion under the subscrition tab on Soundcloud but there was no place to click terminate the GO Plan. Please advise! This is very frustrating.
I kinda of bought Soundcloud Pro Ilimited but I want to cancel and I don't know how

I would like to downgrade my plan that I just go billed for. I want to cancel that plan and downgrade to a regular Pro plan. I don’t want the switch to be made for my next year subscription, I want the change for this year subscription and indeed receive the the reimbursement extra that was already charge.

Thank you