I can't access my account

  • 10 February 2019
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Hi guys, I hope someone can help me.

I have an old Soundcloud account which I started back up and edited the details of. I also tried to associated a friends email address with it.

The account appeared to be working fine for a few moments, then both it and my the SoundCloud account of my friends have both disappeared.

When I try to login with the email address linked to it, it keeps asking me to create an account, and when I do, it says that an account already exists using that email but I can't login.

I'm not that bothered about access to my account, but my friends has now been disabled and I could do with this being resolved as he has now lost access.


3 replies

Can anyone help with this please ?

Access to my account isn't such a big deal, its more the fact that my friends account has also been suspended. It's like the 2 accounts have been deleted.
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Hi Aidan,

Sorry to hear this. Please reach out to our account access team via the contact form on our help center, as this issue will require the collection of personal data.
Mathis, first off, thanks for getting in touch ! I'll do this straight away.