I have reached my device limit

I used only my old iPhone and iPad for soundcloud, but I bought a new phone and I can't login, because I have reached limit of 10 devices. I can't logout from other devices because I don't have them! What should I do?

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Hi everybody! I also had the same issue but I have solved proceeding as follows:

1. Sign in to via desktop web browser using laptop (no smartphone)

2. Go to section:
settings > Account > Connected applications
... located at the following web page address:

3. Press "Revoke access" button in the line corresponded with "SoundCloud iOS/Android".

4. Uninstall & reinstall your smartphone Soundcloud app and try to sing in again.

I hope this may help to somebody!
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Hello everyone,

May I ask of you're still facing the same issue? I'd reached out to our engineers but they weren't able to confirm this limit to be in place for your accounts.

What they recommended was to delete the app off your devices, restart your device, then try downloading the app again.

Please do try that and let us know if this works for you.

Yes .. Its working now thank u

I can't connect to my Soundcloud account on android. I have a Go+ account.
I used to reset a lot my phone since a develop a lot on it. Now I can't connect to my account, I have the following message :
"You've reached your device limit, you already have offline listening on 10 devices. You need to sign out of one device before you can sign in on this one".

I tried removing all permissions from my soundcloud account on desktop, uninstalling & reinstalling the app but no success.

Is there anyway to disconnect my account from all devices ? (as they are the same device but reseted a few times).

Thanks in advance for your help.
I just moved from an Iphone to and android phone. I installed soundcloud however it only stays signed in for an hour or so before kicking me out and then displaying a notice that "You've reached your device limit". I then need to log in again and register the device again. It then works again for an hour or so and then kicks me right back out. I have no other mobile devices connected, I changed my password and selected the option to sign out of all other apps.
Hey there! I have an soundcloud go abonnement and an iphone 6s+. So when i log into the app it says: the oldest device will be deleted and so on. So after that i can download for like 60 seconds. Then i am always logged out 'there are too many devices...'
I am the only person that uses this acc and i changed my password so if a hacker had it, it's another one.
Please help me!
Same problem is happening to me
I recently hard reset my android phone and thus far have been receiving the "Device Limit" window as well as a Login screen every time I open up the Soundcloud application. In cases where the application is already running and I switch to it, the application crashes, restarts, and repeats with the same login screen/device limit window.
Does anyone know of a workaround/fix?

Currently, I use the application on one primary mobile device and one desktop.
Android Ver: 6.0
Soundcloud Ver: 2017.06.26-release
I have a new device and cannot sign in and use my account. Im paying for soundcloud go + and cannot access any of my content. I get the message to register but once i leave the app the music stops and when i return to the app i get the notification that ive reached my device limit and this new device is kicked off again
I got a new phone, LG Stylo 3 from Hetropcs.
Every time I use my SoundCloud app, I get a message saying I've reached my device limit and to register this device in place of the one I haven't used longest.
Cool!! So I've done that only a hundred handfuls of times and it keeps doing it.

Is this something I can fix or is it a bug?
I have SoundCloud go+.
Hi there,

Sorry to hear this has happened to you. In the unlikely case that this was still an issue, you should now be all set again.


Hey fix mine too please.
Im having the same problem please someone help fix. I got a new phone and now whenever i try logging in it tells me this and then it logs me back out.
@Mathis please help with this issue i want to be able to download my songs for offline listening.
Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to un-register all devices from my account because I keep getting this error that doesn't let me sign in on my phone, every time I sign in, it lets me stay signed in for a couple mins then gives me an error message and signs me out, any help would be appreciated, thank you!
Use the search and you will find a lot of people with the same issue. It seems to be a bug and I didn't find a proper solution either, other than deleting all other registered devices and reinstalling the app.
A recent topic on this subject.
How exactly do you see which devices are registered and how do you delete them ^^, because I'm having the same issue being logged out.
I recently got a new phone. When i try to sign in, it asks me to register my device beacuse ive reached my device limit. When i do it and leave the app and come back, it tells me that i have reached my device limit and they sign me out. Help
@Mathis Please fix, thank you
How exactly do you see which devices are registered and how do you delete them ^^

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Hi everyone,

We'll be using this topic as the collective thread for when you run into the issue where you're shown that you've reached your device limit after reinstalling the app, updating your phone or the likes and can no longer seem to sign in to your SoundCloud account in order to use your SoundCloud Go / Go+ subscription.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope our engineers can soon provide a global fix for this. In the meantime, please report your issue here and we can help solving this from our end.

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P.S.: Everyone who has reported on this topic (or whose topic I've merged to this one) should now be all set.

Thank you for hanging in there, your patience is much appreciated!

I am having the same issue. I've deleted the app off any old devices, and also tried to delete and restore the app on the devices I am trying to use with no luck. Help please!
Same, When I log in to soundcloud on my new phone and I press my home button or go out of the soundcloud app I get kicked off when I go back into the app, saying I have to many devices using the account. someone help
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Hi @littlelolo, @ben.phom & @Daltonyio,

You should be all set now. Daltonyio, I understand your frustration over this and will forward the feedback to the relevant team. Please bear in mind our Community Guidelines when communicating with others here on the forums. Thank you.