I'm being charged $12.99 for A FREE Souncloud account!!

  • 29 January 2017
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Hi My name is Sarah, I recently wanted to upgrade my Soundcloud account to a Soundcloud go account, so I requested to try the 30 day free trial. However, within that 30 day free trial, I was still not able to listen to the music that I wanted and now I'm paying $12.99 a month for free soundcloud account? I never even got to use the free trial because I didn't work and now my money is being stolen each month!!! I would like to upgrade to the Go souncloud account but it seems like it is not working, and I'm being charged unfairly for my regular FREE account!!! Please help me upgrade to the go account or refund me back immediately IT IS NOT FAIR TO BE CHARGED FOR THE FREE SOUNDCLOUD ACCOUNT!!! It said I upgraded to the free trial Go account and it never upgraded at all!!!

3 replies

Same thing happened to me! Except I was billed 12.99 three times on the same day! Something's up hope you and I can get our problems resolved very hard to speak to anyone here; poor customer service.
@justin4rd call iTunes support!! They have a customer service number tell them exactly what is going on and they will help you. They removed the subscription and refunded me the money. SoundCloud subscription on the computer is completely different than SoundCloud subscription through iTunes on your phone!
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Hi Sarah - thanks for following up on here and explaining how you solved the issue.

@justin4rd, if you did not purchase through Apple (i.e. on an iOS device) and still need assistance, please reach out to transactions[at]