I paid for another month of PRO to get 6 more hours but my time bank is still the same. When will time be added??

  • 14 December 2015
  • 3 replies

I recently renewed PRO for another month because I only had 32 min left. I purchased 6 more hours and my card has been charged but still no time has been added. Does it normally take this long?

3 replies

We're facing the same problem. We did the transaction on dec 8 and we're still waiting for our minutes to be added...
I've seen several scenarios of this happening, all ending in different time frames on when the time was recieved. Hopefully this is adjusted and your time is added in the fastest possible way!
What if it's the second time we're bying a Go Pro package ? Do we get 6 more hours of upload ? I'm reading posts that say no and we have to go Unlimited...
The thing is we paid for the extra 6 hours and I expect to them.

Soundcloud, can you respond to our question please ?!