I want a Refund - No Warning on Automatic Renewals, Beware!

  • 10 June 2019
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I received an email yesterday (9th June 2019) that my SoundCloud Pro Unlimited Subscription had automatically been renewed.

Not only had I not received any notice that my account subscription was due for renewal, I also received an invoice as part of the email, meaning that the payment had already been taken!

In previous years, I have received notification a few days prior to when the renewal was due. If this would have been the case, I would have cancelled my subscription as I no longer use the service and have not done so for a long time. I wonder why SoundCloud no longer notify consumers that their subscriptions are due for renewal? Seems to me that they no longer prioritise the needs of their consumers and are too desperate to hang on to their money instead!

In an attempt to resolve this issue, I submitted a help request form to see if anything could be done, but unfortunately SoundCloud were no help at ALL! Their reply only took a couple of hours but all they did was literally just send me a generic email copied and pasted from their website which had nothing to do with what I was asking them...

I emailed them back explaining this and waited a day for their response. Nothing. Another example of awful customer service from this company! So I sent another help request form explaining my original issues and how poorly they have been dealt with... only to be greeted by the EXACT SAME generic email!

This just shows how all SoundCloud cares about is making money off of its users and not providing them with the quality of service that they are entitled to. What kind of 'reputable' company doesn't even have a contact phone number or email address designed to help resolve issues that its users have efficiently? Instead, they just use 'help' request forms that are NO help at all and have a dedicated twitter account that when you have an issue... just tells you to fill one of these help request forms in so it will never get resolved!

Even if this post goes unanswered (and if that is the case then this certainly will not be my last!), then I at least hope that others see this and become more aware of what SoundCloud are about as a company, even though I am sure there are plenty of users that are aware of this already!

2 replies

UPDATE: Since this post was uploaded, a member of the soundcloud help team on the community has looked into the issue and (hopefully) managed to help me resolve this issue.

I’d like to thank Mathis with all his help on this issue. He is a credit to the help community.
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Hi Ben,

Yikes - sorry this has been such a drag! I've forwarded feedback to the relevant product team about the notification emails. I believe that the emails that you received shortly after submitting a ticket did not come from someone from our support team directly, but were automated messages. Many questions can be answered this way, however sometimes, as was the case for you, they can lead to a poor user experience, for which I would like to apologise - feedback is going to the team about this as well.

All the best to you, hope you'll stick around on SoundCloud 🙂