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Hi there. I recently renewed my Soundcloud pro Unlimited account but it's showing as Soundcloud basic and a lot of the functions I should be able to acceess I am not able to?

I most certainly renewed by yearly plan in March, I have thee Paypal receipt to prove this.

How do I contact Soundcloud to sort this out as I do not want anything to be deleted?

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Hey man,

I've got exactly the same problem! I've also renewed my Pro Unlimited plan in March and the Paypal payment was succesfull as well. I've just sent a tweet to and thet answered with this link It's a support request. Hopefully it will lead to a solution because this situation is very frustrated. If I hear anything I will let you know.

Good luck and kind regards,
Same here ! the pro plan has gone before its time by 5 months!
Wide spread problem. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.
Well about half an hour ago the red star once more appeared by my user name and also the spotlight was accessible again, so far so good.

But then when i tried to edit the permissions of an upload from this morning it still comes up with "unlock with a pro plan".

Then when I return to the home page, once again the star has gone, spotlight has gone out and it's back to being on basic status again 😞
I also sent a ticket just after I posted this about 9am. not a reply that they received the ticket and no update wotsoever either. so I dunno if what I sent resulted in it slightly coming back to life or not.
It seems that when you refresh the page everything will go back to the Pro Unlimited Plan settings, but when I go (for example) to the upload function everything is set to Basic Plan. When I press F5 again the settings return to Unlimited Pro Plan...
Interesting. not here unfortunately. The star is there and spotlight is functioning but everything within edit upload is screwed to basic settings no matter what I do pffffffffft.
Oh yes I see what you mean. The option is to schedule my upload is greyed out 😞
The forum at the moment is flooded with users that got exactly the same problem with the Pro Unlimited account so I think Soundcloud will fix this is soon.
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Hi there,

Sorry about the confusion, which was caused by an issue on SoundCloud's end. Our engineers have now fixed this, so you should see your subscription properly reflected on your account again.

Apologies about the inconvenience this might have caused.

All the best